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● As a medium-to-long-distance, tugboat tire, it not only improves safety, but also takes into account economy and wear resistance. ● A new contour design is adopted to make the ground contact pressure distribution of the tire more uniform and the anti-eccentric wear performance is better. ● The widening design of the running surface makes the wear mileage of the tires higher. ● Optimize the tread formula, reduce the heat generation of the tire shoulder, and improve the durability. ● The overall performance has been further enhanced compared with the original series products, and the tire footprint is more uniform.

Tyre Size Ply Rating Load Index Speed Symbol Overall Diameter(mm) Section Width(mm) Thread Width(mm) Thread Depth(mm) Rim Single Max L/P(kg/kPa) Dual Max L/P(kg/kPa)
235/75R17.5 18PR 143/141 J 802 232 218 13.5 6.75 2725kg(6010lbs)/860kPa(125psi) 2575kg(5680lbs)/860kPa(125psi)
245/70R17.5 18PR 143/141 J 798 244 218 13.5 7.50 2725kg(6005lbs)/875kPa(125psi) 2575kg(5675lbs)/875kPa(125psi)
245/70R19.5 18PR 141/140 J 844 248 218 14.5 7.50 2575kg(5675lbs)/860kPa(125psi) 2500kg(5510lbs)/860kPa(125psi)