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● The new anti-puncture tread formula improves the adaptability to harsh road surfaces and prolongs the service life. ● The thickened window format design on the shoulder enhances heat dissipation and anti-collision, prolonging the service life of the tire. ● A new type of high-strength skeleton material, 3-layer nylon reinforced crown reinforcement design at the rim, improves the load-carrying capacity of the tire and reduces transportation costs. ● Powerful stone removal system Stepped ditch bottom Strong anti-stone chain No rocks in the ditch, you protect the ditch bottom from being pierced. ● The ultra-wide driving surface has a better effect on harsh road surfaces and a higher carrying capacity. ● The material layout of the variable diameter drum is more substantial, and the strength of the spout is improved to make the tire stand upright better.

Tyre Size Ply Rating Load Index Speed Symbol Overall Diameter(mm) Section Width(mm) Thread Width(mm) Thread Depth(mm) Rim Single Max L/P(kg/kPa) Dual Max L/P(kg/kPa)
12.00R20 22PR* 156/153 B 1135 314 260 26.5 8.50 4000kg/930kPa 3650kg/930kPa