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● Better loading capacity. ● Heat dissipation holes on tread and shoulder enhance the heat dissipation performance and improve the durability of products. ● Stone-removal design prevents the failure from puncture. ● The new contour and large block design make the tire more straight and upright, with a better appearance. ● Professional formula for mining improves puncture resistance and gives longer service life.

Tyre Size Ply Rating Load Index Speed Symbol Overall Diameter(mm) Section Width(mm) Thread Width(mm) Thread Depth(mm) Rim Single Max L/P(kg/kPa) Dual Max L/P(kg/kPa)
8.25R16LT 18PR 132/128 J 870 232 184 17 6.50H 2000kg(4410lbs)/870kPa(126psi) 1800kg(3970lbs)/870kPa(126psi)
7.50R16LT 14PR 122/118 J 822 211 172 21 6.00G 1500kg(3305lbs)/770kPa(112psi) 1320kg(2910lbs)/770kPa(112psi)
8.25R16LT 18PR 132/128 F 878 232 190 21 6.50H 2000kg/870kPa 1800kg/870kPa
12R22.5 18PR 152/149 F 1095 299 240 24.5 9.00 3550kg/930kPa 3250kg/930kPa