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● High saturation of pattern design increase the tread arc width, provides longer service life. ● The size and angle of the pattern block in the shoulder and middle is optimized, strengthened connecting ribs in tyre shoulder effectively prevent irregular wear. ● Optimized crown radian design effectively prevents eccentric wear. ● Reinforced carcass with new designed tread formula prevents damage and increase the the possibility of retread.

Tyre Size Ply Rating Load Index Speed Symbol Overall Diameter(mm) Section Width(mm) Thread Width(mm) Thread Depth(mm) Rim Single Max L/P(kg/kPa) Dual Max L/P(kg/kPa)
11R22.5 16PR 148/145 L 1063 281 222 22.5 8.25 3150kg(6940lbs)/850kPa(123psi) 2900kg(6395lbs)/850kPa(123psi)
12R22.5 18PR 152/149 L 1095 299 252 23.5 9.00 3550kg(7830lbs)/930kPa(135psi) 3250kg(7160lbs)/930kPa(135psi)