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● Optimized contour design provides improves tread resistance against eccentric wear?gains longer mileage. ● More reasonable design of tread cap improves the contact pressure of tyre?controllability and fuel saving. ● Optimized ratio of groove and block design promotes tyre abrasion-resistance. Wide transverse pattern and grooves design�enhances driving performance and wet skid resistance.

Tyre Size Ply Rating Load Index Speed Symbol Overall Diameter(mm) Section Width(mm) Thread Width(mm) Thread Depth(mm) Rim Single Max L/P(kg/kPa) Dual Max L/P(kg/kPa)
12R22.5 18PR 152/149 L 1084 298 234 19 9.00 3550kg(7830lbs)/930kPa(135psi) 3250kg(7160lbs)/930kPa(135psi)
295/80R22.5 18PR-E 152/149 M 1049 292 228 19 9.00 3550kg(7830lbs)/900kPa(130psi) 3250kg(7160lbs)/900kPa(130psi)
315/80R22.5 20PR-E 157/154 L 1084 302 234 19 9.00 4125kg(9090lbs)/900kPa(130psi) 3750kg(8270lbs)/900kPa(130psi)